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image of reed diffuser edited and enhanced by selfmade
image of succulent edited and enhanced by selfmade
animation of person reading a newspaper with moving image on top of it. edited and animated by selfmade

This ain't our first rodeo


Assets delivered (and counting!)

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animation that showcases selfmade's previous ai driven creative works

AI personas + Performance creatives

Tailoring precision to every pixel

With our data-fuelled approach, we tailor each creative asset to your audience for maximum engagement and optimal efficiency.

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collections of raw images and images after edited made by selfmade

Post production

Scaling creativity, not costs

Explore the freedom of creative expansion without the associated costs and complexities with SelfMade's Enhanced Post-Production Provisions. Get the output of an in-house team minus the managerial stress. We offer scalable design and post-production solutions, designed to grow in sync with your brand.

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previous selfmade works including ads, videos, and emails

SelfMade select

Welcome to your dedicated marketing powerhouse – SelfMade Select. Our all-encompassing service package offers top-tier strategy, guidance, and content creation tailored to cater to your unique business needs. Be it Instagram management or email marketing, our seasoned experts are here to devise a custom select plan, exclusively for you.

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What our clients said

picture of selfmade's past client

"SelfMade was a game-changer for us. Their fast and independent operation saved us time and effort. They were able to cut our production work in half, providing us with high-quality assets, unlike typical outsourcing experiences. Their exceptional attention to detail truly sets them apart from the competition. They feel like an integral extension of our team, delivering excellent results."

- Irene (VitaCup)