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We strategize, execute, and create content for the highest
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Our Approach

We begin all of our partnerships by getting to know you and your brand to make sure we’re the right fit.

Then we get to work. It starts with understanding two critical areas of your business: 1) Who is buying your product and why, and 2) Your Revenue, Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) dynamics. These inform how we'll collaborate to execute a growth strategy across key acquisition and retention channels that will enable you to hit your goals - profitably.

Once we have a strategy and roadmap in place, we build and execute campaigns and tests that will lead to results. This might be generating performance creative from your raw content, or initiating tests across paid and owned channels to incrementally improve unit economics. We’ll collaborate on campaigns and quickly understand what’s working best and how to scale.

Finally, as we start to generate and review data, we’ll iterate and evolve our strategy alongside your brand’s trajectory to ensure profitable growth.

The ideal customer journey & how
SelfMade helps make it a reality.

We’ll help move your customers right along.

The ideal customer journey & how SelfMade helps make it a reality.

We’ll help move your customers right along.

Only the solutions you need.

Learn more on the specifics of each of our solutions.

Email Marketing & CRM

How it works

  • Capture more emails by turning visitors into subscribers - grow your list with qualified subscribers and avoid leaving money on the table.
  • We’ll nurture your new email subscribers through flows and promotional campaigns - advanced segmentation allows us to create cohorts based on user behavior so we can optimize messaging to drive conversion.
  • Then, we’ll help convert those subscribers into customers, and convert your customers into repeat customers - maximizing your customer Lifetime Value (LTV) through automated campaigns & strategic promotional flows.
  • Finally, we analyze performance in order to seek continuous improvement in your retention marketing strategy - maximize customer LTV.

Paid Social

How it works

  • The key goal is to bring down your Paid Social CPAs in a way that unlocks your ability to scale profitably across social channels - from generating new customers or leads to driving repeat business from past customers.
  • Once we’ve completed all integrations, set up, and verified that your pixel is firing the way it should, we begin by reviewing your current audience and creative strategy to inform the most impactful moves to test.
  • We then take your raw content and transform it using motion graphics, animation, and more to drive performance.
  • We’ll implement our creatives across new audiences as part of a strategy that continuously drives improvements to key channel metrics. Ultimately, we want to build towards a growth formula that enables you to scale.
  • We continuously review opportunities to drive efficiency by diversifying your channel mix and determining each channel’s role in your brand’s customer journey.

Website Optimization

How it works

  • What’s really going on with your site? We’ll use a combination of tools to analyze user-centric performance, site speed, SEO, mobile optimization, tone of voice, design, accessibility, and more.
  • We’ll assemble a holistic report including recommendations on everything from how to minimize HTTP requests and maximize lossless asset compression to exactly how much white space you need on your PDPs.
  • If your site isn’t built yet, we’ll align on branding & visual identity before creating a wireframe filled with on-point copy and a proposed site map.
  • Then we build—creating everything you need for a high-conversion user experience, including recommended app & plugin installations for subscriptions, testimonials, customer reviews, and more.

Paid Search

How it works

  • We’ll dig deep to define your highest leverage keyword opportunities by developing an understanding of your brand, product, and competition.
  • We’ll test ad copy to customize messaging for specific search terms in order to improve interaction rates and efficiency at the top of your search funnel.
  • We’ll find the right mix of match types to improve keyword and phrase matches, and ultimately your impression share.
  • We’ll leverage negative and long string keywords alongside appropriate bid modifiers to maximize the efficiency of your search campaigns to ultimately bring down your Search CPAs and CAC.

Landing Pages & CRO

How it works

  • We’ll first align on goals—whether that’s to validate new messaging concepts, improve conversion, test a special promotion, or something else.
  • We’ll design beautiful landing pages with A/B variants that are aligned with your brand and your goals.
  • If desired, we’ll support the full funnel with paid media campaigns to drive traffic to your landing pages and CRM automations to retarget visitors.
  • Regardless, data rules all, so we’ll make sure our pages are properly syncing with your CRM and filtering into appropriate segments that can be analyzed and retargeted.
  • Based on performance - we’ll iterate on additional pages, creatives, ads, and tests to continuously improve conversion rate and drive down your CAC.
  • Finally, we’ll carry learnings into ongoing recommendations for conversion rate optimization (CRO) on your site.

Performance Creative

How it works

  • We’ll understand your brand, product, positioning, and competition to collaboratively develop the right messaging concepts across your audiences and channel mix.
  • Save your team time and reduce your design hiring needs. We build creatives for all channels - Paid Social, Email and CRM, Display, and so much more.
  • We’ll leverage best practices and performance data to build creatives that you can use to increase your testing velocity and refresh your creatives more frequently.
  • Based on performance - we’ll throw out the losers, lean into the winners and iterate to continuously drive up the performance of your creative and drive down your CAC.

Display Advertising

How it works

  • First, we’ll understand your customer journey to determine what impact display can have on your current funnel.
  • We’ll go through your best performing SKUs and messaging concepts to generate high-performing creatives with beautiful imagery.
  • We’ll align on a strategic campaign setup—prospecting, retargeting, retargeting timeframes, and/or catalogues—to ensure our efforts complement other paid media initiatives.
  • As we launch your campaigns, we’ll set up manual bidding and optimize on a daily basis to make sure we align with your target market in order to spend your budget with the lowest possible CPC.
  • Over time, we’ll upload retargeting lists and optimize bidding on each new campaign to continually improve performance.

Organic Social

How it works

  • What’s your vibe? We’ll first align on what you want your current and future followers to feel when they visit your Instagram page.
  • Once we gather your brand assets and establish a series of repeatable content buckets spanning original edits, lifestyle images, quote posts or text posts, testimonials, UGC, and other reposted content, we’ll get to work on crafting your first on-point grid.
  • Our expert social copywriters will embody your brand and give voice to your audience through relatable captions and targeted hashtag strategy.
  • Depending on how frequently you want to post, we’ll deliver cohesive sets of content on a recurring basis for you to deploy across IG—anywhere else you want!

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