Vive Juicery

Meet Vive Juicery

Established five years ago, Vive creates sustainable fresh juice powered by local produce. From partnering with local farmers to only packaging their juice in glass bottles, they put the planet first to, in turn, put their customers' health first.

Their challenge

Vive needed a paid social strategy that was scalable for their business and a way to consolidate creative production with digital strategy.

SelfMade’s impact

We worked with Vive Juicery to understand the product, the market, and key messaging concepts. Once the fundamentals were established, we built an audience strategy, developed creatives that aligned with those different audiences, and then implemented and launched paid media campaigns that drove 1) top of funnel traffic and 2) conversion.

Leveraging raw product shots, we worked with the Vive team to develop new creatives quickly that could support both Paid and Organic Social efforts.

Through testing and iteration, Vive was able to achieve a 4.8x ROAS.

“As a small business with mostly local sales we needed a way to scale social ads in a way that made sense for our business. SelfMade’s ad structure let us do that and generated real revenue.”



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