Opus Mind

Meet Opus Mind

Opus Mind is a luxury brand that makes handcrafted leather goods from 100% upcycled leather. Their mission is to create more awareness for sustainable options in the fashion industry and advocate for transparency from brands — so they’re leading by example.

Their challenge

While the products and mission behind them were well-positioned for the market, Opus Mind needed support in building and unifying their brand’s online presence and developing a top of funnel and conversion strategy.

SelfMade’s impact

We started by aligning key product features and value propositions with an audience strategy that would lead to an effective growth plan.

Leveraging best practices and working with raw product shots, we developed creative specific to each channel and its audience - for acquisition and retention.

Paired with effective digital strategies on Paid Social and CRM, we were able to drive results quickly while working towards an organic strategy that over time would support building community and brand engagement.

Between driving traffic via Facebook ads, collecting email addresses on site, and creating automated flows, we were able to help Opus Mind 5x their monthly revenue, plus help unify their brand presence and visual identify across all of their marketing channels.

“Knowing that the specialists at SelfMade are focused on my brand’s online presence and marketing efforts has granted me the space and time to focus on other important aspects of building my business.”


Founder & CEO

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