Meet Okabashi

Since 1984, Okabashi has made comfortable shoes with a purpose. Family owned, 100% recyclable, and made in the USA, they’ve changed how consumers think about sandals from something you buy and throw out after a few months to guaranteed durability, made to last.

Their challenge

Okabashi needed support in reaching new potential customers, as well as converting existing customers for repeat purchases through Paid Social on Facebook and Instagram. Ultimately, the goal was to bring down their customer acquisition cost (CAC).

SelfMade’s impact

Once aligned with Okabashi’s growth strategy and visual brand language - we developed a paid social strategy that would drive efficient, high intent top of funnel traffic with a retargeting strategy aimed at efficient conversions across smartly segmented audiences.

By using raw product shots vs. expensive photoshoots, we worked with Okabashi to develop new creatives quickly. Through performance creative work, consistent testing, iteration and strategic media buying, Okabashi was able to attain a ROAS of 13x.

“Paid social is a really important source of revenue for us. Having a team behind me has been a tremendous help and taken a huge weight off my shoulders.”


Ecommerce Manager

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