Aroma Sense

Meet Aroma Sense

Aroma Sense brings you a showering experience that’s both relaxing and optimal for your skin and hair. With easily installed cartridges for your shower, Aroma Sense products neutralize chlorine, prevent the growth of bacteria, purify your water, and release rejuvenating scents. They aim to take a simple, everyday activity and make it better.

Their challenge

While they knew their product was amazing and their reviews were glowing, Aroma Sense needed a way to drive consistent web traffic and conversions through digital channels.

SelfMade’s impact

We worked with the Aroma Sense team to understand key value propositions, the target audience and brand strategy.

Once aligned, we developed effective creatives for use across paid and organic channels, then built and deployed a paid acquisition strategy across Facebook and Instagram.

SelfMade’s focus on top of funnel efficiency combined with effective retargeting helped unlock Paid Social as an effective channel for Aroma Sense.

With testing, creative iteration, and optimized media buying, Aroma Sense was to reduce their customer acquisition cost by 75% and achieve a 3.45x ROAS.

“Ads were definitely my weakness, but I knew there was a potential for revenue on social. SelfMade creates ads for my company that work. Our click rate is up and acquisition cost is down.”


Marketing Director

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