Being self-made
doesn’t mean being alone

SelfMade delivers the tech, the team, and the community
e-commerce entrepreneurs need to grow.

Why we're here

Entrepreneurs inspire us every day. Their standout passion and vibrancy makes the world a better place. SelfMade is focused on improving the e-commerce experience and committed to the success of our customers.

If you sell something awesome online and are ready to scale your business, we leverage content creation across paid ads, email strategy, and Instagram management.

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How we learn

See how we stay fresh and knowledgeable while we give back to the community.

Who we are

Brian Schecter, CEO

A high school teacher turned entrepreneur, Brian sold his first company to IAC. While there, he came up with the idea for SelfMade and hasn’t looked back since.

Brian is obsessed with everything e-commerce and loves empowering creators and building teams. When he’s not rocking out to Talking Heads at his standing desk, he’s advising other start-ups and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs. You can also find him meditating by the window with his crystals.

Check out @bschech.

The Team

The SelfMade team includes technologists, product makers, operations experts, marketers, and creatives. We come to work every day with a burning desire to help our customers grow and succeed. And we have fun doing it.

To get a feel for our culture, check out our Instagram accounts: Selfmade and FullOutFriday.

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