Being SelfMade
Doesn’t Mean Being Alone.

For e-commerce entrepreneurs, SelfMade delivers the tech and the team you need to grow.

Why we're here.

Entrepreneurs who create products inspire us every day. We’re thrilled to see more and more of them taking control of their destiny, crafting knock-out products and learning to grow. Their standout commitment and vibrancy make the world a better place -- enriching our lives, creating opportunities and promoting diversity.

It is our privilege to support them. If you are selling products online and want to take your business to the next level, SelfMade is here to help.

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SelfMade Labs

E-commerce is a rapidly changing field. SelfMade Labs keep us fresh and knowledgeable while giving back to our community. We have four initiatives for you to check out:

SelfMade Podcast

A podcast devoted to providing inspiration and tangible advice for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

SelfMade Crystals

Being your own customer helps you improve your own product. Centered Crystals is our in-house e-commerce experiment.

SelfMade Incubator

Interested in free office space, ongoing mentorship and networking opportunities? To apply email us here.

SelfMade Connect

Satisfy your craving for people and knowledge and build your network of e-commerce entrepreneurs. Learn more about SelfMade Connect.

The Founders

Brian, CEO 👍

Brian was a high-school teacher before becoming an entrepreneur. He sold his first company to IAC and, while there, had the idea for SelfMade.

Brian loves working with e-commerce companies, empowering creators and building teams. Out of the office, Brian advises companies and mentors entrepreneurs. When he’s not working at all, Brian can be found meditating with crystals.💎

Zach, CTO 👓

Zach brings deep technical expertise and extensive leadership experience to SelfMade. Zach was a Principal Engineer at Google and led the Google Docs team in NYC. He left Google to follow his entrepreneurial urge and built Camera Club, a photo sharing application, which SelfMade acquired in 2016.

Zach loves a giraffe and you can always check out what he’s up to here.🦒

The Team

The SelfMade team includes technologists, product makers, operations experts, marketers, and creatives. We come to work every day with a burning desire to help our customers succeed and to change the world for the better. And we have fun doing it. 🍬

To get a feel, check out our Instagram accounts: FullOutFriday and SelfMade.

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