Being SelfMade
Doesn’t Mean Being Alone.

SelfMade delivers the tech, the team, and the community e-commerce entrepreneurs need to grow.

Why we care.

E-commerce is booming and we're excited about it. Small businesses create opportunities, promote diversity, and enrich our lives. Entrepreneurs have ideas and products worth standing behind. In short, they make the world better. In a market saturated by big business, we’re here to level the playing field and make sure the companies we believe in get the exposure they deserve.

If you sell something awesome online and want to take your business to the next level, SelfMade is here to help.

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SelfMade Labs

E-commerce is always changing. SelfMade Labs helps keep us up to date and knowledgeable about our partners while giving back to our community.

SelfMade Stories

A podcast where fellow entrepreneurs talk about how they started their business, providing valuable insight and advice along the way.

SelfMade Crystals

We want to understand what it’s like being an e-comm entrepreneur, so we started our own Shopify store. If you need to get centered, check out Centered Crystals.

SelfMade Incubator

Are you an entrepreneur interested in free office space, ongoing mentorship, and networking opportunities? Of course you are - email us to apply.

SelfMade Connect

Satisfy your craving for people and knowledge while building your network of e-commerce entrepreneurs. Learn more about SelfMade Connect.

The Man

Brian Schechter, our fearless leader

Brian is the man. A high school teacher turned entrepreneur, Brian sold his first company to IAC. While there he had the idea for SelfMade and hasn’t looked back since.

Brian is obsessed with everything ecommerce and loves empowering creators and building teams. When he’s not rocking out to Talking Heads at his standing desk, he’s advising other start-ups and mentoring fellow entrepreneurs. When he’s not doing any of those things, he’s probably meditating by his window with some crystals.

To keep up with Brian on his spiritual journey to e-commerce enlightenment - check out @bschech.

The Team

SelfMade is a company of real humans. Those humans are tech savvy, creative, marketing experts, and goofballs.

We come to work everyday with a burning desire to help our partners succeed and to change the world for the better. And we have a lot of fun doing it.

To get a feel for our company culture, check out our Instagram accounts: @fulloutfriday and @whois_selfmade.

We’re always looking for more great humans. Check out our current openings here.